DIY: Recycled Paper Sewing Basket

DIY: Recycled Paper Sewing Basket

Michelle Chin
Jan 30, 2012

With so many hours spent indoors during the winter months, many of us turn our attention to our list of craft projects. Of course the thought of a nice, new, handmade, cozy scarf or hat is incredibly enticing. If you don't have a basket to keep your yarn organized and tidy, this project is for you!

Brett Bara over at Design*Sponge came up with this wonderful tutorial (complete with a gazillion detailed photos. Well, not a gazillion, but a lot) to recycle paper packing material into a very cute yarn basket. Brett said this took an afternoon to create, and the fact that it's reusing something that would normally be chucked in the recycling bin or, even in the fireplace, is pretty nifty. Plus, you'd have something pretty cool to show for that afternoon rather than watching a Real Housewives marathon.

The paper takes on an almost leather-like appearance. Especially with that nice stitching.

Check out the full tutorial: Design*Sponge - Sewing 101: Recycled Paper Basket

(Images: Brett Bara / Design*Sponge)

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