DIY Refrigerator Design: Contact Paper Pattern

DIY Refrigerator Design: Contact Paper Pattern

Janel Laban
Aug 23, 2010

We got an email over the weekend sharing a bold creative solution to the problem of a big boxy white fridge. Due to the layout in her home, Titti's refrigerator sits in the corner of the adjacent dining room - making the utilitarian appliance seem extra big and bland. To remedy it, she choose a favorite pattern, matte black contact paper…

… and got busy.

Shown above, left to right:
1. The end result - unique, decorative and totally personalized.
2. The pattern inspiration - a Pottery Barn rug.
3. The template.
4. The cutting process - Titti says she cut out "about a billion" of them.
5. The mid-way point of the job.

Check out all the info on the project along with lots of pictures at: Shoestring Pavilion

Thanks Titti!

Images: Shoestring Pavilion

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