DIY Ideas for Framing Large Artwork

DIY Ideas for Framing Large Artwork

Laurie McGinley
Mar 1, 2012

If you are thinking about framing a very large piece of art, pre-made or custom options can get expensive very quickly. To avoid the hit to your wallet, try one of these DIY projects:

  1. Hang Fabric or Canvas with Hidden Hangers
    Amy a la mode posted a how to that details, step by step, how to hang a quilt. You'll need two wooden dowels, four eye hooks, some sewing skills, a ruler, and a hand saw.
  2. Make a Frame with Power Tools
    This tutorial on outlines the process of making a frame with power tools. You will need access to a table saw, router, clamps, wood glue, and some measuring devices. If you are up for the task, this tutorial takes you through the entire process, including cutting glass.
  3. Hang Art Without a Frame
    There are many ways to hang artwork. Frames get more expensive the larger they get so you may consider hanging that piece of artwork without a frame. TimeOut Chicago suggests using a piece of foam board, plexi glass and some L-shaped nails to frame art. Consider screwing this art frame sandwich directly into the wall if your art is larger than 4x4 feet.
  4. Plaster and Lathe Walls
    If you live in a plaster and wood lathe house, then you probably already know that hanging art is no small task. Bill and Kevin Burnett from the San Francisco Chronicle recommend hanging large artwork from a wood screw mounted in a wall anchor to avoid cracking the plaster.
  5. Use the 57" Rule
    Large or small, the 57 inch rule will be a good guide to hang your artwork.

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