DIY Rolling Monitor Stand

IKEA Hackers

Sharing a desk with your partner or flatmate is a difficult situation under any circumstances. But when you lump in the added stress of sharing a computer, things get even tougher. Yet one couple has figured out how to make it work—and look good at the same time—with a little help from an IKEA LACK shelf and casters.

Dawn and her husband sit face to face at a double-sided workstation and share one computer, their hefty desktop iMac. But when dragging it across the table was becoming a pain, Dawn decided to take matters into her own hands, crafting a custom rolling monitor stand from IKEA parts.

By hollowing out the center of a green 11 3/4" by 10 1/4" LACK wall shelf ($6.99,, Dawn made room to add casters to the bottom. Now, their monitor can slide around their shared desk with ease.

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