Dress up that new bookshelf you just scored with a pair of DIY, stylish bookends. Each one of these projects is quick, inexpensive, and sure to look good propping up everything from vintage books to your favorite design tomes.

  1. It doesn't get much easier than hanging a frame from a chunk of driftwood — and it looks lovely too. From Wonderweib.
  2. Handmade leather beanbags are laid-back and luxe. From Canadian House & Home.
  3. Complement your retro decor with bookends made from vintage phones. From A Beautiful Mess.
  4. Paint a set of fake books and incorporate them into your shelf as bookends. The minimal white look is nice, but it would also look sweet in bright colors for a kid's room. From The Mother Huddle.
  5. Have a gorgeous geode to show off? Make it shine even brighter with a gold-leaf exterior. From The DIY Nurse.