(Image credit: Joanna Sałata)

We love how the natural texture of this DIY pot complements succulents. Joanna shares how to get the look in this easy and quick step-by-step tutorial:

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes
Project Cost: $2-$3
(Image credit: Joanna Sałata)

What You Need


  • Small can
  • Sisal rope or twine
  • Waterproof glue


1. Clean out your can, removing any labels.

(Image credit: Joanna Sałata)

2. Place a dab of glue under the rim of your can, and start wrapping the twine around it, gluing at various intervals.

(Image credit: Joanna Sałata)

3. Cover the entire surface. When complete, place a succulent in your new pot.

(Image credit: Joanna Sałata)

Thanks, Joanna!

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