DIY Room Decor: Make Your Own
Macrame Curtain

A Beautiful Mess

Emma, from A Beautiful Mess, is turning an old bedroom into a home office, and needed to mask its eye sore of a storage closet. The actual door was damaged, so Emma decided to replace it with a curtain instead. She "wanted to add a curtain that was light in color (white or cream), but that wasn't boring and would still had interest and texture to that corner of the room." She decided to create a macramé curtain from thin ropes and finished off the project by hanging a long off-white piece of fabric behind the macrame curtain.

What You Need


  • Rope
  • Tape (to finish the ends and prevent fraying)
  • Wooden rod or dowel


  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler

For the full tutorial and more pictures, head over to A Beautiful Mess.

(Image credits: Janae Hardy, Laura Gummerman and Emma Chapman for A Beautiful Mess; A Beautiful Mess)