Thrift Store Rescue: DIY Rubber Hose Chair

Thrift Store Rescue: DIY Rubber Hose Chair

Next time you see a metal chair frame at the thrift store, consider this cute solution spied in the March issue of Sunset. All you need are a couple of garden hoses, some spring clamps and stainless steel zip ties.

Inspired by the unique garden chairs made by Denver artist Chase DeForest, Sunset came up with a version that doesn't include welding.

• Buy two pliable hoses (such as polyurethane); the length will depend on the project. For this chair, the crafter used 100' and 50' hoses with the metal ends snipped off.

• Wrap the hose around the lower and upper seat frames, using clamps to hold the hose in place as you go. Make sure you have about a 3" length at the end to tuck under the bottom and secure with zip ties.

That's all there is to making a snazzy little chair for your garden!

Image: Sunset

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