DIY Shelves: 5 Sleek DIY Shelf Storage Projects Under $50

Shelves are a wonderful thing. When you need extra storage, their loving, open surfaces provide you that extra space you're looking for. When you need a place on a wall to display your favorite things? They embrace your constant rearranging of knick-knacks and art. And though stylish shelves can sometimes be a pretty penny, we've got a handful of sleek shelves you could make yourself this weekend for hardly any dough at all.

Pictured above: Simple materials, simple outline. Pretty simple instructions. Make this cool shelf with the help of Lauren Kelp.

Add a punch of neon color with this cute shelf spotted on Ducklings in a Row.

These little mini shelves won't hold a lot, but they're stylish and cheap to make and the perfect size for a bathroom or for holding jewelry. Spotted on merrythought.

This simple floating shelf has a rustic and modern look. Seen on Wonder Forest.

If you love the look of leather strap shelves, you'll love this easy and affordable DIY project we spotted on At Home In Love.

(Image credits: Lauren Kelp; Ducklings in a Row; merrythought; Wonder Forest; At Home In Love)