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Even though you're all grown up with expensive toys, your summer camp days don't have to be over. Carve out some time for arts and crafts and make yourself something a little more practical and stylish than a macaroni necklace.

Time travel is totally possible. Head back to your younger summer days with this project: combine punched leather with inexpensive bright-colored lanyards to form a case for your iPad — with plenty left over for office-accessory extras like a pen case and mousepad.

Martha Stewart shows us how it's done, with a full tutorial on her site. You'll need tooling leather, a leather punch, plastic lacing, and at least one of the four templates available here. (There's an iPad sleeve, wallet, pen case and mousepad).

The combo of leather and bright-colored lanyard lacing seems more modern and trendy than its unrefined arts-and-crafts materials would have you believe. The earthy neutral leather goes well with trendy pops of neon.

If your style is less DIY and more BIY (buy-it-yourself), try surfing the handmade marketplace at Etsy for one-of-a-kind leather cases. We like the one below from J.W. Leathersmith ($55, Etsy.com).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Full instructions: Martha Stewart

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(Images: 1. Johnny Miller for Martha Stewart, 2. Etsy seller J.W. Leathersmith)