(Image credit: Andrea Sparacio)

Evan has not only learned to live in a small space (under 300 square feet), but also how to decorate around his landlord's strict no-paint rule. His space feels bright, airy, and interesting. Here are three projects that help you get the look of his bedroom and bring it to your own home.

1. Evan's chandelier was made using a popular project from Lindsey Adelman, which remains my favorite DIY tutorial of all time. She provides the parts list and the instructions, and you buy everything and make it yourself.

2. Vintage flags are excellent choices for wall art. Usually bright and always graphic, they also cover a lot of wall real estate. The folks at Curbly show you how to hang a flag, using a basic wooden frame.

3. Lastly, Design OCD made her very first headboard recently, and shared the results. It's shape is super simple, with a single row of brass nailheads for interest. If you don't like this one, do a search for lots of other options out there.