DIY Towel Bar for Kids

Under the Table and Dreaming

A towel bar in a kids' bathroom has different requirements than one in an adult bathroom. Kids are shorter, and many haven't yet developed the motor skills necessary to neatly fold and hang a towel. Perhaps most significantly, though, kids often tug roughly on the bar and, like in our house, can pry it right out of the wall. Stephanie Lynn managed to address all these issues in her kids' bathroom by DIYing her own clever towel rack.

In order to secure their rack firmly to the wall, Stephanie and her husband built their own and screwed it directly into the studs. Instead of traditional hooks or a bar, they used three rings, making it easier for kids to hang the towels (and keep them up there!). Their solution works great for their kids and looks clean and sleek in their bathroom.

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(Image: Stephanie Lynn)

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