DIY Toy Laptop

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When Ruthie posed a Good Question recently about repurposing an old laptop into a toy many of you related stories of letting your kids pound away on your old or broken computers as well as some attempts at altering them into something more toy-like. Amida of Journey Into Unschooling wrote to share how she made, at her daughters behest, a very cool toy laptop.

With an old keyboard, some wood, glue, markers, construction paper, and a reflective sheet Amida whipped up this really nifty play laptop. We love that she put the keyboard letters in alphabetical order which surely makes a lot more sense to her young daughter. Check out Amida's post for more details of this creative endeavor.

Thanks Amida!

(p.s. Since the small keyboard pieces are just glued on here, obviously use your judgment about when your kids are old enough for a toy like this.)

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