The painted basket trend may not be brand new, but it seems to keep growing. Why not? It's easy, it looks good, and it's an inexpensive way to update your storage space, (especially if you've used the same baskets for years).

You can dip them, stencil them, stripe them — just keep it streamlined and they're sure to look chic for years.

  1. A pretty striped basket from The Happy Home .
  2. These straw baskets from Espirit Champetre look just a bit sweeter with a stenciled star.
  3. A Pair & A Spare dips a summer staple in neon paint.
  4. Shiny spray paint instantly glamorizes straw baskets at Martha Stewart.
  5. A Beautiful Mess DIYs a hamper to look like a find from a small boutique.
(Images: 1. Belinda Graham for The Happy Home , 2. Espirit Champetre, 3. Harper's Bazaar, 4. Martha Stewart, 5. Rachel Denbow for A Beautiful Mess)