DIY: Turn an Old Laptop Into a Kitchen Computer

If the Luxrite Kitchen TV is just what you needed to keep entertained in the kitchen, but a little more than you wanted to spend, here is a DIY project to make your own under-the-counter media center. Using an old laptop and playing around with software, you can make your own kitchen computer station that takes up no space...

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A kitchen computer station is perfect for checking the news in morning, jamming out to Pandora or Grooveshark while you're making lunch or pulling up a recipe for a great dinner.

And what better way to install a kitchen computer than re-purposing old tech and putting it in yourself. This project, titled KitcheNET, puts your laptop to work with a little bit of Linux modification and some clothes hangers.

Check out the whole DIY project here at BlueLineCity.

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Taryn is a writer, maker, and designer in Atlanta, Georgia. Living in an apartment with her husband and their Boston Terrier, Bacon, she loves to entertain and hates having a tiny kitchen.