DIY Idea: Turn Extra Moulding into A Shabby Chic Frame

Details in the Decor

Here is a great use for spare bits of molding or old broken frames that you might have laying around or that can be found on the cheap at a local flea market or yard sale. Details in the Decor, a blog out of the South of France, is written by a frame maker who loves to share ideas about decorating, interior design, and of course, frame making. The goal is to be "creative with our home decor in an affordable and imaginative way." Here is what you will need to follow along with the project...

1. Old frame or molding
2. Vacuum cleaner with small brush attachment
3. Fine sandpaper
4. Undercoat Paint
5. Acrylic Mat Paint
6. Bees Wax or Acrylic Mat Varnish
7. Brushes + Old Plate + Water Jars + Old Knife + Wooden Blocks
8. A packet of dish washing sponges

Read more for full detailed instructions: DIY Shabby Chic White Frame For Wall Display at Details in the Decor

(Images: Details in the Decor)