From Beginners to Experts: DIY Wall Weaving Ideas for Everyone

From Beginners to Experts: DIY Wall Weaving Ideas for Everyone

Amelia Lawrence
Oct 1, 2017

Wall weavings have certainly made their way around the DIY and craft circles the last few years, and for good reason. Whether weaving is your job (I mean, just look at the craftsmanship over on Etsy), your lifelong hobby, your meditation device, or just a one-time thing, the results are often stunning. And that, to me, is reason enough to give it a go.

Difficulty Level: Easy

If the word "weaving" intimidates you, not to worry. These projects require little to no knowledge of weaving, won't take up too much time, and are sure to give you display-worthy results.

(Image credit: Handmade Charlotte)

Follow along with Handmade Charlotte's faux wall "weaving" to see how to make these dyed wooden tassel art pieces. The color combos are fun and playful, and they're a pretty family-friendly option if you want to get the kids involved.

(Image credit: BrePurposed)

No need to weave when it comes to Bre of Bre Purposed's wall weaving tutorial. Pick up an affordable woven rug (rug samples are a great option as well), add some yarn fringe, and you've got yourself a custom wall hanging without dyes and looms, and without dropping a pretty penny.

(Image credit: Earnest Home Co.)

Even more simple is this Earnest Home Co. wall weaving. Erin had purchased a small rug that caught her eye, but that didn't seem to have a place in her floor plan. So she took to the walls, attaching the rug to a dowel with needle and thread.

(Image credit: Earnest Home Co.)

If you want a little more of a challenge, check out her other tutorial for this fringed weaving, using straw placemats as the base.

(Image credit: The Vintage Rug Shop)

Extending her rug expertise into the DIY world, Brittany from The Vintage Rug Shop created this simple wall hanging for her nursery using a white bath mat. See how in her easy-to-follow tutorial.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

These wall hangings might actually require some weaving, perhaps a DIY loom, and most certainly a little bit more time and care.

(Image credit: Paper & Stitch)

This Paper & Stitch wall weaving may look like it requires an intricate technique, but it in fact it's a weaving hack, and only requires your fingers, multi-use netting, yarn, and a bit of time.