10 DIY Ways to Rescue a Rental
Living Room

Beige walls, bare windows—- all hallmarks of a rental apartment. Some things you have to live with, but that doesn't mean your hands are completely tied. Here are ten DIY ways to make the best of your living space.

1. Faux wall paneling (image above) adds interest and texture. If your landlord doesn't want you to paint, get the same effect with washi tape.

2. A new lamp is a quick boost, and you can take it with you when you move. Here are 10 lighting projects you can either DIY or buy.
3. Pick up a little, and see your room with fresh eyes. Deal with clutter with these DIY magazine holders.
4. Turn a tablecloth into repurposed curtains for the windows.
5. Mask the pet odors with your own custom scent and DIY air freshener.
6. A new coffee table? Here's one of the easiest ways to get a DIY piece of furniture.
7. Go three dimensional with these ideas for textured walls.
8. Stencils are great ways to add pattern to existing curtains or lampshades.
9. Temporary decals are custom and colorful art for your walls.
10. And then, last but not least, choose from any of these DIY room decor projects.

(Image credits: Dabble Magazine; Jill Slater; Stil Inspiration; Dottie Angel; Sugar and Cloth; For Me, For You; Knot Magazine; Martha Stewart; The Horticult; Megan)