DIY Wooden Baby Gym

DIY Wooden Baby Gym

Richard Popovic
Mar 21, 2012

While perusing an old Good Question on sources for wooden baby gyms, we came across a reader comment that escaped our notice the first time around. Instead of offering up advice on where to purchase one, one of our readers posted a link to one she had made herself. It was simple, inexpensive and looked great. We think it deserves a bit of the spotlight…

Jessica at Seedpod Craft Studio managed to create this perfect wooden baby gym for only $25. By using materials easily obtained at craft or hardware stores and avoiding tricky angled cuts she created a design that anyone can turn into a reality in just a few hours time.

As long as you have your protractor handy to get your legs aligned correctly you should be all set. Jessica even provides a second tutorial on how to make the springy-toy-dangler-things (her words) that hang from the gym. All in all, a complete success of a project, start to finish. Well done, Jessica.

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(Images: Seedpod Craft)

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