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It's important for you—and your gear—to stay cool in your home office. You could go out and score a plastic desk fan from the dollar store, or you can try to craft this one-of-a-kind modern wood desk fan.

Instructables user HHarry shows off his mod cube desk fan, with a color-temperature tuner and punched wood look.

The fan gives you coolness on a hot summer day. The heater inside provides you with a warm breeze in those cold winter months. This fan/heater comes with a ambient led indicator: cold=blue, warm=purple. The fan speed and the amount of warmth can be fine-tuned.

The whole thing cost him just $7—the only part he bought was a dimmer, all the other parts were laying around in the garage—but it's a cheap (but not easy) project for anyone.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

This project will require a bit of electrial know-how, but if you're savvy enough (or know a friend who is), follow the directions at Instructables.

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