Do It Yourself: Add Black & White Design Details With These 6 Ideas

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Black and white will always be considered a timeless, classic color combo that goes with just about any space, no matter your home's existing color palette. The duo infuses a rich sophistication in just about any room. We've grabbed up some of our favorite ideas for adding black and white designs and patterns to furniture and accessories you might already have in your home!

Pictured above: Such a favorite DIY project, adding black and white pattern to chair slip covers, using Sharpies! You could to this with fabric, or if you're brave, an old piece of upholstered furniture you want to spruce up! From Little Green Notebook.

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Have a frame that needs filling? Take your paint brush to paper to create a really striking black and white abstract art piece for a wall. Spotted on Homey Oh My!.

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Yep, we totally posted this before, but we LOVE it. It's a simple stamp idea that you could apply to a ton of project and items around your house. Seen on Fifty Two Weekends.

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What about your old, tired accessories? Add some black patterned designed on to them to punch them up and instantly make them grab attention. This idea spotted on Paper & Stitch.

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Another stamp idea, this time playing with the classic cross pattern in a repetitive way. We also like this idea because the stamp isn't quite so bold, making this a more subtle way to add black and white to something. Spotted on Fall for DIY.

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This black and white pattern painted on a cabinet looks like a lot of work, but wow is it quite the statement! Turn any piece of furniture you have into a statement with this idea spotted on Stars for Streetlights.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects that call for adding black and white designs to something? Share below!

(Image credits: Little Green Notebook; Homey Oh My!; Fifty Two Weekends; Paper & Stitch; Fall for DIY; Stars for Streetlights)

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