Do It Yourself Gift Giving

Do It Yourself Gift Giving

DIY kits not only make wonderful gifts for those crafty folks in your life, they can also come in handy if you want to give something that you've handmade yourself. The holidays can be hectic and - before you know it - that handmade gift that you were planning on making has no time to get done. Instead of worrying about whether there's enough time, why not think about making or giving one of the creative and unique projects and goods you see here...

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1 MAKEIT DIY Cushion Cover, $75.00 from Harvest Textiles
2 Succulent Starter Wreath, $45.00 from Succulent Designs
3 DIY Light-up Embroidery Kit, $40.00 from Polymath
4 DIY Ginger Ale, $8.75 from Wild Rose Herbs

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