Do These 3 Things the First 5 Minutes Home After a Trip

Do These 3 Things the First 5 Minutes Home After a Trip

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 21, 2014
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You step off the plane or crawl out of your car after a long road trip and you just want to get inside your house or apartment, dump all your baggage (physical and emotional) and not move for a few hours. You deserve it. But before you completely veg out, take five minutes to do these three things as soon as you get home — you just might improve your home and make your life easier if you do!

1 Minute: Mentally measure your curb appeal as you walk up
When you see the same view of your home everyday, you might not see it with as fresh eyes as everyone else that walks by your home. So as you walk up to your front door, do a mental assessment. How clean does the area look? Do light fixtures need to be replaced or cleaned? Is there a dead plant or a stroller taking up room? Why is curb appeal important? Well it's the first impression guests get of your home, but it's also how you welcome yourself back home every day. You don't have to do anything right now after your trip, but use your fresh eyes to see what could be added or subtracted to make it better. Maybe use a weekend to spruce it up?

1 Minute: Walk inside and take a long look around and a whiff
The same fresh eyes can be applied to the interior of your space as soon as you walk in. What do you see? Is there clutter you can now spot that had just sort of blended into the background before? Is there a half-finished DIY project that seems to grab your attention immediately? Also make a note of what bothers you visually the most — it might give you direction as to what DIY project or task to prioritize and tackle next time you set aside time to pay attention to your home.

Also — what do you smell? A home's smell is a very unique thing, and when you're in your home day in and day out, you quickly become used to it. See if it smells fresh — or stale. See if you can smell any pet smells. Or if any artificial scents are too overpowering. Adjust as needed.

3 minutes: Put it away as quick as possible
I don't know about everyone else, but if I don't put my suitcase and stuff up immediately, it basically stays spread around my apartment for days (sometimes weeks) adding to clutter and making my transition back to work and regular life a little hectic.

So spend a few minutes tossing your dirty clothes into the washer or hamper, putting your toiletries bag in the bathroom and putting your suitcase back up where it belongs in storage after you empty it. You'll be exhausted after your trip, but you'll find energy and enjoyment in your home more if it's not littered with the detritus of your last trip for weeks.

Do you have any healthy home habits you indulge in immediately upon coming home from travel that make your life easier and your home less-cluttered? Share in the comments below!
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