Survey: Do You Bank Online?

Survey: Do You Bank Online?

Abby Stone
Oct 1, 2008

100108-bills01.jpgThis past weekend, we caught up on our back reading of Unpluggd, our tech-centric sister site. Having recently set ourselves up to bank online, Ryan's post on scanning in your checks rather than actually having to go to the bank, caught our eye. Wow, what if we never had to go to the bank again? What about you? Do you bank online? Survey after the jump...

We love having less mail gathering on our landing strip but we're still wrestling with the psychic element (in the same way that swiping a credit card is a lot less painful than seeing the cold hard cash disappear from your wallet, we worry that paying a bill by punching in a few numbers almost makes it feel like a game). What about you? If you do bank online, do you check your balance or make transfers from your cell phone or do you prefer to take care of those transactions from your password protected home computer's wifi?

[Image: Eric and Christine's Spacious Pad]

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