Do You DIY Modern Art?

Do You DIY Modern Art?

Dabney Frake
Jun 4, 2013

One of my favorite movie moments is from Noah Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale. In it the eldest son, Walt, gets caught plagiarizing a Pink Floyd song for a school performance. When asked why, he shrugs it off, saying he always felt he could have written the song, even if he didn't. I always cringe at his creative hubris, yet recognize the sentiment in myself. 

I'm not saying you should go copy the Mona Lisa (or Pink Floyd) and pass it off as your own. But who hasn't looked at something and said "I can make that"? Staring at your large blank walls, while on a budget, naturally your attention turns to what you can create yourself. I am especially guilty when it comes to conceptual or modern art. Deceptively simple, often spare in materials, it's an easy first stop on the way to affordable decor. Art gods, smite me now for even thinking it.

Are you guilty of the same? Have you ever attempted modern art, and failed miserably, only to appreciate the original artist even more? If you did complete it, did it inspire you, or feel hollow and unsatisfying? Or are you happy and unabashed with your new art?

(Images: Architectural Digest; Elle Decor)

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