Fancy: A Crowd Curated Catalog

Fancy: A Crowd Curated Catalog

Alysha Findley
Mar 27, 2013

I just ran across a new (to me) site that is part blog, part magazine, part wish list, and part shopping. What's better than that? Follow me to find out more...

Fancy is a "crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and innovative stores." It is a global community so there are lots of things to see that we wouldn't always have access to. And the most convenient part is that you can buy most of what you see from their site instead of having to track down where each item originally came from. I've been having fun hopping around finding quirky items to add to my wish list and have selected a sample to share with you. (Be forewarned. I was on a bit of an urban decor kick this morning.)

  1. Ollie the Cat Duvet by Snurk
  2. Cassette Tape Doormat from Meninos
  3. Salt & Pepper Set Spicy Graffiti Cans
  4. Rail Magnetic Key & Mail Holder by
  5. Cork Candles
  6. Bow Light by Artecnica
  7. Einstein Decorative Pillow Cover
  8. Boombox Pillow Set by Meninos

(Images: as linked above)

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