Do You Have a Dedicated Craft Space?

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When I started knitting, I stored my yarn and supplies in pretty baskets in my bedroom. Later I added a small cabinet and a drawer in the living room. Lately, my son's craft supplies have been taking over his closet and a drawer in the kitchen. We don't have much space, but I think that we may need to consolidate our craft supplies in one location. Do you have a dedicated craft space (like this adorable and well-organized one from Art as Life), or do you store supplies wherever you can?

Since we make crafts everywhere from our couch (knitting) to our kitchen table to the floor, I'm not sure I need a craft table. I would like to be able to reach for supplies from one space, however, instead of having bit and pieces stashed everywhere. What's your solution for your space?

(Image credits: Art as Life )

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Kathleen is a freelance editor who lives in Chicago. She loves eclectic rooms, traveling with her family, and feeding anyone who steps foot in her house. She theoretically hates clutter, but can’t stop buying books and craft supplies.