3 Ways I'm Working Through My Biggest Tech Phobia

3 Ways I'm Working Through My Biggest Tech Phobia

Elizabeth Giorgi
May 13, 2013

For years I've lived in fear of losing every document, photo, and video I've ever created, caused by an imagined hard drive failure or an errant spilled glass of water. I've been vigilant about backing up onto external hard drives, but somehow the precautionary step never seemed like quite enough protection. I've since realized losing my stored digital memories was my worst tech nightmare.

Earlier this year, I set out to free myself from this terror and invested in a cloud service to automatically back up all my files while I sleep. But I can't help but feel like even this could backfire on me. What if it's not backing up? Maybe the service will go away and I won't have the ability to transfer everything quickly enough! I imagine these fears didn't exist when every document was stored in a filing cabinet and every photo in a nice leather album. But here's how I'm getting over my tech phobia:

1. Backup the backups: My most precious photos are stored in a separate Flickr account, while my best videos are stored on Vimeo, so I always know I have a copy besides the one residing on my external backup and cloud service. Even with copies stored onto the cloud, the extra security of knowing these valued digital memories are stored elsewhere makes me sleep better at night.

2. Get rid of excess: This may seem counterintuitive, but once I acknowledged there were definitely hundreds, if not thousands, of drafts that I did not need copies of, I instantly felt better. Same goes for all my video files. Instead of keeping every single clip, I've been diligent about just holding onto the final edited pieces. Less stuff to save means less risk of something accidentally lost.

3. Say this out loud, "It's just stuff": I'm still working on this, but I try to remind myself every day that more photos can be taken and more words written. Some things truly feel irreplaceable, but maybe in the future I'll remember to print out a copy to put into a file cabinet...and onto the cloud and onto an external hard drive. 

(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)
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