Do You Have Travel Shopping Destinations?

It seems lately my shopping list involves traveling to other places. I miss the Room & Board outlet in Minnesota. The Restoration Hardware outlet in Wisconsin was something special and if you don't live near an IKEA then it seems like you're always making plans to visit one. Do you have travel shopping destinations? Is there somewhere we should know about?

If you've never been to a major retailer's outlet store, you're missing out. They're something special. It's like finding your favorite sofa on sale... and then some. The blog Thirtieth Avenue has a great look around inside the Room & Board outlet if you've never been to such a place.

For many who don't live in major metropolitan areas traveling for home goods is nothing new. With the age of the internet, we don't have to travel quite so much, but sometimes it's nice to sit on something yourself before buying.

Where are your favorite travel shipping destinations? Share your secret locations in the comments below!

Image: Thirtieth Avenue

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