Do You Let Guests in On Your Wifi?

Maybe it's because I'm a super-generous person. Maybe it's because I'm too trusting. Or maybe it's because I don't know enough about internet security. Whatever the reason, I let my house guests—everyone from new friends to life-long family—access to my at-home wifi network. But some comments over on Gizmodo prove that not everyone feels the same way. Some would lock up their internet to even their mothers.

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Gizmodo recently published a story on How to Run your Home Network Like a Coffee Shop. It was a great how-to post, detailing the exatcly how you can control your network and make it safer for sharing with guests, co-workers or children.

But some of the comments shared a conflicting sentiment, saying they won't share with anyone.

Me? I'll hand over my password (an easy-to-remember password for only me and my boyfriend, and used only to secure our wifi) to any friends and family that ask.

It doesn't matter if they're staying for a week or just for an hour. I think just like offering a cold drink or an ash tray on the patio, offering up wireless internet is just another way of being a hospitable host.

What about you, readers? Do you keep a lock down on your wifi? Or do you share with a select few? Tell us in the comments!

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