Do You Like to Talk to Your Tech?

If sci-fi films are any indication, we've been imagining a future just rife with chatty technology. While not quite at Her levels, there is a non-trivial amount of voice control available in tech today, from the Netflix controls on the latest Xbox with Kinect to voice search built into many smartphones.

After asking Google about a conversion via the "Ok Google" touchless search and commands on my Nexus 5 and seeing the astonished look on my friend's face across the kitchen counter, I realized that perhaps I use voice commands a little more often than most. However, I do not use these voice commands when in public, unless I'm riding a bike or driving. I find voice controls incredibly handy for controlling the playback of Netflix while folding laundry, or when I need to look up substitutions when cooking. To be honest, I kind of like talking to my tech, but know that outside of my home (and perhaps inside my home if you ask my friend), it is not so socially acceptable.

What do you think? Do you use voice controls at home and/or in public? Do you think it will become more acceptable to use voice control, especially as the proliferation of wearable devices increases?

(Image credits: Joelle Alcaidinho)