Do You Look Like Your Home?

Do You Look Like Your Home?

Laurie Siegel
Feb 28, 2012

Other than 'Fishy', my childhood goldfish whose short lifespan gave me happiness for a week and trauma for a lifetime, I've never had a pet. But I have plenty of pet home projects. And so just as some people look like their pets, I look like my home. There's something to be said about a person's home being an extension of her physical aesthetic— the difference between people coming over and saying 'of course' to thinking 'huh?!'.

As more and more “lifestyle brands” emerge, outfitting homes and people with a single design perspective, the idea of a having a shared look between one's home and oneself seems pervasive. Recently, for example, Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg have expanded their clothing lines to home accessories. In the other direction, interior designers like Kelly Wearstler now have clothing lines.

It's an interesting idea to put to our readers: Do you look like your home? What does it mean to have (or want) your home looking like you do? Is it more interesting to have your home be a reiteration of the face you put forward to the world or to have it unveil your otherwise unseen side?

(Image: DVF)

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