(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
This weekend I was thinking about how much I really love my neighborhood. From the rolling hills with their pastiche of flora and diverse architecture, to the ethnic and cultural mix along Sunset Blvd., to the friendly neighbors whom I've gotten to know throughout the years I've lived on my own street...the urban-suburban hood I call home is really where I want to be. There's a physical and psychological reaction that I feel each time crossing back over on the 101 from the Valley, where I work (and grew up in), back into Los Angeles proper. It's almost like taking off a suit and tie and getting into your favourite tee and jeans. There's is indeed no place like home.

So I was left wondering how many of us live exactly where we'd like to live. How many of us live in neighborhoods for reasons outside of an affinity for the hood itself...reasons like proximity to work, affordable rent/housing, or to be close to family.