Do You Prefer Upholstered or Solid Wood Dining Chairs?

I have the perfect dining table picked out, but can't seem to find the right chairs to compliment the table. I am stuck between the comfort of upholstered dining chairs and the modern aesthetic of solid wood dining chairs (with or without a cushion). It seems that upholstered dining chairs lend itself toward a more traditional look. The dining room will get lots of use so the first question I have to ask myself is - which is more important - function or aesthetic?

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I would love to get some feedback on both types of chairs. For chairs that are solid wood but have a thin cushion, does the cushion help that much in regard to comfort? What was the deciding factor when you selected your dining room chairs?

Images: Bethany Nauert via Jennifer's High/Low Home in the Hills and John's New York City Interior with a California Garden

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