Saving Your Magazines for the
Plane or Train

For the last couple of years, I've been travelling to see loved ones every 2-4 months, and logging a lot of (super-boring) time in the air. I don't even take my magazines out of their plastic delivery sleeves until it's time to throw them in my carry-on, knowing they are essential for keeping me from losing my mind (perhaps I'm not a great traveler). The upside of this system: in-flight entertainment. The downside? Well, I'm usually about 2-4 months behind on what's hot..

A recent entry on Go Fug Yourself made me realize I'm not the only one who does this:

Apparently, Eva Longoria wore this out on a date with Mark Sanchez, who she's been seeing lately. How did I not know this was happening? Is this because I've been hoarding my US Weeklys in preparation for our flight to Fashion Week tomorrow? I get three weeks behind on Celebrity Gossip and look what happens. A TV actress hooks up with a quarterback and I don't even know about it.
For the uninitiated, the Fug Girls are almost as serious about football as they are about fashion. Their round-up of NFL Draft fashion is a thing of beauty.

Anyway, do you save your magazines for trips? I just know that if I don't, I'll succumb to the temptation of airport magazines, and end up spending as much on one issue as I do for my whole subscription. (If anyone's wondering how I resolved my Re-subscribe? De-Subscribe? dilemma, I kept Wired and Vogue, let Garden Design expire until I have a garden, and accidentally subscribed for Architectural Digest.) I travel with two magazines in my carry-on for the flight out — choosing two that I think my host would like to read — and two for the flight back. Plus at least two books, of course. The only exception I make to my magazine-hoarding rule is the September issue of Vogue, which would be ridiculous to travel with: the 2012 issue weighs 4.5lbs, and yes, I weighed it. Therefore it is a luxurious annual treat, a magazine to read sitting on my wood floor in the sun, away from the rigors of travel.

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