Do You Still Use a Shredder?

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After complaining about my current shredder's lack of robustness while at a dinner party, I realized, based on the blank stares from a few of my companions, that perhaps shredders were not as ubiquitous as I thought.

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I'm not a fan of the space that a shredder takes up (although the unit in our home is relatively tiny), but it seems to me like an indispensable part of modern life. Although we do primarily receive eBills in our home, we still get quite a few items that need to be shredded for the sake of security. One of the folks at dinner, however, insisted that the threat to one's identity posed by someone digging in the trash is hugely overblown, which is why they don't own a shredder.

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What is your take on having a shredder in your home? Do you opt for something as tiny as possible, like the Shredder Hand or Ziszor? Do you opt for the DIY water route or use a shredding service? Or perhaps you're in the "there's no need to shred/destroy anything" camp... if so, I'd love to learn why in the comments!

(Image credits: Joelle Alcaidinho; Jason Loper; Ziszor)

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