Lately, a steady stream of my friends have moved into new homes — but unlike when everyone moved into their first apartments a few years ago, no one's had a housewarming party. Dinner parties, brunches, and casual get-togethers, yes . . . but housewarming parties specifically? No. So what gives?

I thought it might be a result of the economy — at one point, so many of my friends were laid off from their jobs that we started a weekday brunch club. But once I thought about it, I realized I've been to plenty of parties lately, just not any housewarming ones. With so much great cocktail and dinner party inspiration from blogs and magazines, everyone seems to be throwing other types of parties. So what do you think? Do you throw a housewarming party when you move? Do people only throw them for their first homes? Are they becoming passé? Or am I imagining things and they're still thrown pretty regularly?

Image: Apartment Therapy