(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

As I mentioned last week, I moved back home into my childhood room for the summer. I've spent the first couple of weeks cleaning and purging, and this past weekend I finally got to painting. 

I chose my colors (a cool white for the walls, and a pure white for the trim), and got to work as I have done in the past, except this time I skipped prepping my walls with painter's tape. The result: a bright white bedroom that I am super stoked about. 

I invested in a good 2" angled brush that I used for cutting in, and I made sure my dropcloth was pushed right up against the wall. I found that even though I took my time painting, losing the tape made for a fast, dare I say even cleaner, paint job. 

I'm curious, what is your experience with painter's tape? Do you use it?