Momergency Kit

Momergency Kit

Janie Lee
May 30, 2007

Does "Momergency" speak to you? It spoke to us, compelling us to find out exactly what it is.

What it is is a bag containing the following...

A book with a 2007 and 2008 calendar, a place for phone numbers, blank pages, and most importantly, instructions for 20 activities that should work to entertain your kids. All necessary materials for the activities are included. It's kind of MacGyver-esque:

Balloon, bandage, binder clip, birthday candle, carabiner, cotton swabs, dice, emery boards, flashlight, glue stick, googly eyes, latex gloves, measuring tape, mirror, needle and thread, paper clips, permanent marker, plastic zipper bags, safety pins, sanitizing wipe, scissors, rubber bands, and a whistle.

This would make a great gift for a mom on the go.

(via Shelterrific)

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