Change Your Lights, Change Your Room

Change Your Lights, Change Your Room

Abby Stone
Sep 11, 2008

atla-091108-light.jpgGood lighting can literally light up your life. It can make the difference between "nice place" and "wow, love your pad." But, in most homes, the lighting is too complicated and too dim. Before you do anything else to your home, consider a change of light...

  • Most rooms need three light sources.
  • Overhead lighting, apart from chandeliers, is usually too harsh. Better: table lamps, floor lamps, uplighting and spots.
  • What do you do in this room? Read? Then you'll need a good reading light in all the places where that might happen. Romance? Put your lights on dimmers. Party? Uplights are fun and a little dramatic. Great piece of art you're proud of? Spots put the focus on it.
  • Use CFL's wherever possible.

[image: ali edwards>' flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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