Dog Blueprints For The Infatuated Pet Parent

Although we never thought we'd have a blueprint of a dog hanging in our home, these prints have quickly changed our mind. Maybe you're (really) in love with your pooch or miss the one you had growing up — or heck, just think they're really neat, there's a blueprint for you!

Each print comes framed and ready to hang (13"x19" without frame and 18"x24" with frame). Each illustration shows "design specs" and documentation about breed origins and temperament.

They'll set you back $185 and we're willing to bet many of you are already considering it (um, ourselves included!). There's over 30 different breeds to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your home.
See all the breeds and purchasing info over at Uncommon Goods

(via: Incredible Things)
(Image: Uncommon Goods)

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