Doggone It: 8 Prints & Posters Featuring Dogs

Happiness may be a warm puppy, but as these prints show, even a dog in print is cause for joy. And while dogs in art are nothing new, each of these pieces features man's best friend while also being attractive and modern — often a hard thing to find where dogs and art are concerned.

After all, there's a lot of cheesy breed-specific dog art out there, as well as the infamous poker-playing dogs of C.M. Coolidge. Luckily for those of of us who love dogs and need art, a little digging can turn up nice, reasonably-priced photographs, letterpress, and prints for our homes.

1. Dogs brave a snow-filled Prospect Park in this gorgeous photo by Joseph O. Holmes. Nethermead print, $50-$100 at 20x200.
2. A classic photograph from the Burns Archive of a geisha and her playful dog. $270-$420 at Lumas.
3. Dolman Geiman's pastel-hued Dog Show print. $25 at The Inglenook Decor.
4. An exuberant welcome is captured on a print by Mareike Auer. $20 at Little Paper Planes.
5. A dog runs against the edge of the woods in this graphic, striking print. $15 at thedor's Etsy Shop.
6. The dog really isn't the focus of this Rifle Paper Co print, but he sure does look cute in his wagon. Monsters in the Bushes print, $20 at Rifle Paper Co.
7. An elegant, neutral-toned letterpress print of a woman with her dogs. $15 at Pistachio Press's Etsy Store.
8. A vintage WPA poster starring a confident, sprightly terrier. $25-$230 at Print Collection.

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