Do-it-Yourself Concrete Door Stoppers

Home Made Makeovers

I love it when DIY solutions are simple, beautiful and get the job done. A solid block of concrete fastened to a loop of rope — soap-on-a-rope style — is heavy enough to keep any door open and dapper enough to keep out around-the-clock as an industrial-cool objet. Beat that, rubber wedge.

Aligol of Home Made Makeovers crafted these two big-in-size, big-on-style door stops just by mixing up some basic home store concrete mix, using a milk carton or plastic tub as a mold. The concrete just needs to be fitted with a coupler and a loop of rope before setting for a few days.

After popping or cutting the hardened concrete bricks out of the mold, a quick pass with sandpaper is all that stands between you and a pair of brand new door stoppers. Just remember to attach felt or rubber pads to the bottom to protect your floors. Check out the full tutorial here.

(Image credits: Home Made Makeovers)