Domino Bazaar: Event Wrapup

Domino Bazaar: Event Wrapup

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 17, 2007

Antiques by Nathan Turner

We had fun. In our opinion, the heart of the Domino Bazaar this year were the live classes. While the shopping area was - as readers said here - smallish and uninspired (it felt more like product placement than editor's picks), our own class and those we saw on Sunday were full and had a lot of energy...

We enjoyed ourselves, talked to many "curees" and was surprised at how full it got in the afternoon.

When we arrived we saw a flower decorating class with an intense pack of flower afficianados and as we exited Robert Verdi was packing them in to a class on electronics in the home.

Outside of that the best things we saw were below. Pardon the cameraphone pix.

The ANTIQUES room was the best. The stuff in here had soul and style. Everything was a mix from Nathan Turner and Ames Ingham, both of Los Angeles.

These pictures suck, but these tall pinholed hurricane lamps were very cool and must cast an amazing light. They are by b>Not Neutral.

Finally, we were surprised to discover that Ralphie Baby himself has a new green Bed and Bath line called SPA. It looked lovely and was all organic.

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