Domyos Decathlon Interactive Punching Bag

Domyos Decathlon Interactive Punching Bag

Taryn Williford
May 19, 2010

Punching bags are unsightly, no lie. But if you're the type to have a dedicated bag in your home, we doubt you care so much about the design factors of it. But anywhere somebody on the internet makes a definite statement, there's always somebody to shoot it down. So to you, guy who loves his punching bag as much as he loves Jonathan Adler, here's a hyper-designed interactive fitness appliance.

What Nike + iPod did for running and what the WiiFit did for hula hoops, the Domyos Decathlon Interactive Punching Bag aims to do for boxing workouts.

Instead of the repetitive, anti-motivational act of smacking a punching bag, you'll be treated to an LED-illuminated interactive fitness workout with 10 training programs, allowing you to test your skill, speed, power and endurance.

Plus it's smaller, wall-mounted and it looks great in a modern zen room, if the promotional shots are to be believed.

Via Ubergizmo


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