Don't Forget To Take Your Tote

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We are constantly forgetting to bring our tote bags to Fairway with us. Then it hits us like a brick wall when we get to the register. AT reader Callie shared Envirosax bags with us. Then AT reader dpk pitched in with a helpful hint on actually remembering the bags when you head out the door:

posted originally from: AT:New York

Once you've gotten yourself those cool Envirosax bags, or something similar... Install a hook by your front door, or wherever you keep your keys, and hang the bag there so you remember to take it with you when you go shopping.

We know this will certainly help us, as we've generally kept our totes in a bin on the top shelf of the coat closet. Simply installing a hook on said closet door will work wonders to cut down on plastic bag useage. (Thanks, Callie and dpk!) Photo from Green Bags.

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