Don't Give Your Dog This Bone...

Don't Give Your Dog This Bone...

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 21, 2007

..but feel free to use it to tame really long cords.

This tutorial from Instructables has everything you need to know to make a homemade solution for taming long cords of any kind, whether it's headphones as shown, extension cords or even Christmas lights.

The selection of materials that could be used to construct the Cablebone are wide, and it lends it self to the perfect opportunity to use "scrap" material leftover from a project or recycled.

One material source idea would be to cut out the bone shape from used flip-flops--of course, cleaned well--and glued together to get the thickness and stiffness needed to really make this work well (and allow for the street-side of the flip-flop to be glue to each other).

Legos are suggested in the comments of the tutorial, or carpet for a design statement—any other material ideas?


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