Don't-Miss Beautiful Rooms: Week Three

Room for Color

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Week Three of the 2012 Room for Color contest brings our total number (so far!) of inspiring rooms to explore to over 100. Discover favorites through our "all entries" view or check out the rankings on our leaderboard, and remember, you can "like" as many rooms as you wish during this phase of the contest. All the entrants are looking for votes, so be generous and make your fellow color lovers happy! Click through for some knockout spaces from this past week and enjoy... Rosanne • Scotland • Division: International Suzanne • Utah • Division: Light Sue • New Jersey • Division: Dark Christopher • Canada • Division: International Dagny • Norway • Division: International Emily • Ohio • Division: Warm Natasha • Michigan • Division: Cool Rohde • Missouri • Division: Warm
There are lots of amazing rooms to be discovered - check out all the entries:

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