Don't Worry! Imperfect Brick Walls Are Beautiful

Over the years, Apartment Therapy has heard from many readers with crumbly brick walls in their apartments. I just wanted to add this example to the list of why that's not necessarily a bad thing:

My husband just visited the Chapel of St. Lawrence near Helsinki, Finland and shared images of its beautiful, white-painted brick interior with me. This is new construction, mind you, but the brick walls were specified by Avanto Architects to a perfect imperfection. That texture, painted white, gives such materiality, shadow, and light to the space.

So, if you're dealing with a brick wall that's old and crumbly, take heart! There is a sacred space recently built in one of the world's leading countries for beautiful design that emulates that imperfect wall in your apartment. Patch as needed, paint white, stand back, and enjoy your masterpiece!

(Image credits: Avanto Architects)