Doodling Fun: Dry Erase Activity Book

All For The Boys

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If your child had the chance to give you any, ahem, additional facial features, what would she choose? I'm guessing you might end up with some kind of old-timey mustache, maybe a nose piercing, or perhaps some villainous eyebrows. With this DIY crazy family book, you'll be able to find out... and your child can indulge his creativity and sense of humor.

This simple tutorial from All for the Boys shows you how to make an activity book that contains any pictures you choose, but the fun comes when you include photos of your family. Slipped into page protectors, kids can write over the photos without damaging them, and then the images can be erased and re-drawn. For a different kind of fun, you could add pictures of blank landscapes so your child can design her own buildings.

The tutorial includes a clever way of storing dry erase markers in the binder as well as suggestions for making the most of this book.

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(Image: Allison Waken, All for the Boys)

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